Rural economic development

The creation and the development of a cooperative for livestock farmers from LAG Transylvania Plain

3 October 2019

Arome Transilvane

Founding the “Arome Transilvane” berries producers’ cooperative

29 July 2019

Project: Cooperation Between Beekeepers and Medicinal Plant Producers for Creating the “Tea Box”

6 August 2018

Network of facilitators for developing associative structures – COOP NET

15 March 2018

FOOD HUB – Developing an integrator centre model for local products

30 January 2018

CAVA – Competences for added value Agro-food microproducts – entrepreneurial development in rural areas

12 December 2017


12 December 2017

Traditional seeds – The key to protect biodiversity

12 December 2017

UNESCO fortified churches in Transylvania- A recipe to „defend” the cultural patrimony, with opened „gates” to facilitate access

11 December 2017

Transylvanian herb garden

11 December 2017

The agricultural cooperative plain honey

21 November 2017