Project initiator

Civitas Foundation for Civil Society

July 2019 – June 2021
99.994 Euro


National Rural Development Program

In the second part of 2019, we contracted a cooperative manager, a technical expert and a branding expert for the project. Together with our partners, we have evaluated the vineyards and the wineries, the production practices in viticulture and the work processes in wineries. We have launched the cooperative under the name of Ulm Winery – the cooperative was registered and the members have already chosen the way of work for 2020.

The most important lesson learned is from the vinery. We found out that the grapes from which the best wines are made are growing on the vine hubs that have the deepest roots. For the roots to go as far as possible vertically, the vineyard should not be helped but left to find water on its own. It is a simple lesson, applicable to every activity.

In the next period, we will focus on cooperative branding (logo, labels, website, promotion campaign). We want to increase the sales through these actions – we want to organize events in the winery to present our offer and to build a trust relationship between the collaborators.