Civitas Foundation for Civil Society

2014 – 2017
161,880 USD
Facebook page „Plain Honey”
Romanian American Foundation

Through this project we wanted to bring together beekeepers from Transylvania in order to organize them in a cooperative type associative structure. The greatest goal of the project is to facilitate the access of the products on the market by standardizing them, developing branding elements and meeting the requirements of the current market context. The purpose of the project is to create, through this cooperative, a regional centre to represent as many beekeepers as possible and to facilitate their access to resources for: business development, product quality improvement, increasing the number of hives and attracting new members. We found selling channels so as to give co-operators a boost, so that they get more involved in production, in buying new hives. Overall, we have confirmed that it is worth it to get involved, that the cooperative purpose and objectives are starting to be reached and visible.

„My best memory is from the end of August, when, together with the other co-operators we poured concrete on the terrace. It was a really cool activity, which contributed significantly to the team cohesion. Another memorable moment was the Sic fair. We all gathered around the camp fire made by the Sic Town Hall representatives. The most important lesson I learned is that a harmonious growth of the cooperative can be attained only through communication, continuous training and an attempt to overcome limits. An important role in defining identity is played by the team spirit and understanding the common goal.”

Cornel BRUSTUR Agricultural Manager „Plain Honey” Cooperative