Odorheiu Secuiesc Office

Implementation period
01.05.2015 – 31.10.2017
253,917.07 CHF
Project site
Fondul pentru Parteneriat Elvețiano-Român

Through this project, we wish to support the social integration of disadvantaged people in rural areas by informing and educating them with regards to the collection and processing of medicinal plants. So far, we have worked on developing a network between the community and non-profit organizations, to favour social integration; we have facilitated exchanges of experience and knowledge about sustainable agriculture, focusing on the collection and processing of medicinal plants, and we have supported local economic activities and sustainable development through numerous programs. The project’s greatest challenge was to identify the group of people, producers or collectors of medicinal and aromatic plants, to prepare them in the collection, cultivation and processing of herbs. Beyond expanding knowledge about the methods of collecting and processing medicinal plants, our goal is to teach local people to develop and utilize herbal products to supplement their incomes.

„The best memory is from the fair in Bonțida, because of the group connection, the atmosphere created and the fact that we managed to think and build together the most beautiful fair stand. Some of the products we presented to the visitors were flower bouquets, flower boxes, mixes of herbs for lemonade and soups. We also had a mobile distillery with which we made a mint extraction demonstration.”

Carmen Ciobanu Program director