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October 2018 – March 2020
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136.080 euro (total budget)
21.000 (budget managed by Civitas)
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Vote4Europe? project is funded by the European Commission and implemented in partnership with other organizations from Belgium, France, Poland, and Spain. The project aims to encourage young people aged 18-35 to vote for the European elections in May 2019.

Within this project we will organize a transnational event in March 2019 through which we want to create a debate on the importance of involving everyone in the European elections, allowing young people to become well-informed European citizens.

The goal is also to raise young people’s awareness of the benefits of being citizens of the European Union, to make them more aware of the impact of their voice on everyday life and to encourage the vote in the May 2019 European elections.

The event will be attended by local youth but also by 7 young people from other European countries in order to exchange experiences, and we also want to have as MEPs to answer the questions young people can have.

A national seminar also took place in May 2019 that aimed to promote the benefits of being an EU citizen. Another added value of this project is the fact that 3 young people had the opportunity to visit the European Parliament in Brussels and to discuss directly with MEPs.

Now at the end of our project we proudly say that we manage to organize 5 transnational seminars for youngsters from Poland, Spain, Romania, France, Belgium, but also having guests from Turkey, Lithuania, Georgia, Ukraine, Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Latvia, Hungary, Afghanistan, Syria, Greece, Slovakia, Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Luxembourg.

Each of the 5 partner countries also organized one national seminar with the aim of encouraging youngster to participate at the European elections from May 2019. More details about the results of VOTE4EUROPE? project, please find here.

The project also aimed to develop the dialogue between young people and representatives of the European institutions, and the video below is a response to their interest in young people.