Civitas Foundation for Civil Society – Cluj Napoca


May – November 2018
10.000 de lei
Cluj-Napoca City Hall

„Transformator – Collaboration and Sustainability in the NGO Sector and the Independent Cultural Sector in Cluj-Napoca” aimed at creating a context that encourages collaboration between non-profit organizations in Cluj so that their initiatives have a greater impact on the young public and in the cultural sector. We have organized a series of workshops for these organizations and have upgraded the site. The series of 8 workshops for nonprofit representatives aimed to train participants in areas such as project writing, networking, fundraising, pitching, and social entrepreneurship.

The major goal was to create cross-sectorial links between different social domains such as the non-profit sphere, the cultural environment, the social economy sphere by developing entrepreneurial skills and promoting sustainability models in the non-profit sphere, disseminating good practices in non-profit, as well as the professional training of representatives of private institutions.

The development of aims at transforming it into a modern communication platform between NGOs in Cluj-Napoca and a place for the exchange of ideas and resources, the promotion of opportunities and good practices in the sector. Thus, the site built in 2014 through previous funding has been developed with functionalities that allow better management of the resources of the NGOs in Cluj together. They will be able to put their resources (logistical and not only) into the service of other organizations, they will be better coordinated in organizing events. At the same time, citizens interested in getting involved in the causes of non-profit organizations now have a relevant and representative contacts database. Basically, the site has the potential to truly become a place to meet and collaborate.

Partners: Transit House, Reciproca Association