Filiala Cluj-Napoca

July 1st, 2017
Fundația pentru Dezvoltarea Societății Civile, Kaufland România

A number of 45 non-profit organizations have participated on the 1st of July at ONGFest Civic Break in Cluj-Napoca. The event took place in the center of the city, on the medieval Potaissa Street. The participants have organized over 50 activities, debates, demonstrations, concerts and workshops which have promoted civic involvement, volunteering and social responsibility.

New friendships were tied, new projects ideas and collaborations. The 1600 people attending the event had the opportunity to find out more about what NGOs do and to better understand this sector.

"There are a lot of strong NGOs in Cluj. There are also a lot of small organizations doing extraordinary things. Moreover, during the past years, civil society has developed strongly. We need events to bring all these people and their energy together. We also need events to bring the NGOs before the public"

Adrian M. PopaProject coordinator

We have thus celebrated the 8th edition of the largest open air event dedicated to civil society in Romania – ONG Fest – The National Non-Governmental Organization’s Festival. Cluj was the festival’s third and final stop, after Bucharest and Iași. ONGFest 2017 was organized by the Foundation for Developing Civil Society (FDSC) together with ourselves, as local partners. The initiative was supported by the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Program and by its sponsor, Kaufland Romania.

ONGFest in numbers:

  • 45 exhibitors
  • over 30 interactive activities
  • 5 debates
  • 1 movie screening
  • 2 theater plays
  • 2 concerts