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The Odorheiu Secuiesc office

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Project partner

March 2015 – April 2016
8900 Euro
Grant SEE 2009 – 2014, în cadrul Fondului ONG în România

Given that elections were held in 2016, we wanted to inform the citizens about the work of local councillors across the country. We analysed in detail the councils ‘web sites to see if the transparent communication principle is complied with.

The project was very interesting as we had a very good collaboration with some of the county councils; however, this is not valid for all of them. Where we noticed a lack of activity reports, we made complaints to the counsel. Thus, we created a database of all counsellors, and also of the reports each of them wanted to make available to the public. In order to facilitate a transparent governance, we created a model for local councillors to guide them in drafting the necessary documents for reporting.

We are proud of the results we achieved with this project and with the governors’ increased level of transparency. There were good examples and councillors with whom we communicated very well. At the end of the project, we organized a forum where we awarded the most involved counsellors. Furthermore, for a good transparency of the governance process, we believe that this service sho- uld be permanent, or at least we believe that launching certain legislative programs indicating the
necessity of a constant reporting of the local counsellors’ activities would help the evolution of the transparency process.



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