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Glasu’ Nost: the voice of small producers in the local economy

By 4 February 2020 No Comments

Glasu’ Nost is an initiative that promotes small producers and local economy through gift boxes that contain unprocessed honey and tea for the cold season. 

The honey is produced in rural areas, near Sic, Fizeșul Gherlii, Gherla, Dej and Unguraș; the plants come from cultivators from Mihai Viteazu and Șardu localities. The box is crafted locally, at Paqstudio, a social enterprise that manufactures packages for small producers. 

In 2019, Glasu’ Nost meant:

  • support for 10 local producers
  • trading the gift box from producers through a short supply chain
  • participating at fairs and local events (Open Days at Banffy Castle from Bonțida, Christmas Market, Pinch of Salt, Street Food Festival Cluj-Napoca)
  • tasting events and farm visits (more than 80 students from Computer Highschool Tiberiu Popoviciu visited an apiary from Fizeșul Gherlii)

How does a regular day for a honey producer look like?

„Like any other profession, the apiculture forms the people beyond the required competencies. The beekeepers are patient and consistent people. When their work takes place in the apiary, their day is slow, any fast movement is bad for the bees. From the disinfection of the hives, the breeding of the nest, to collecting honey and pollen, every step should be made with care. The bees gather pollen, turning it into honey – their meal – which are willing to share with us. This generosity should be rewarded with care. For instance, the hive needs to be carefully taken care of, through applied treatments and keeping it clean.  Centrifuging honeycombs, heating (if necessary) and bottling are equally important steps since each gram counts in this process”.

  • Duration: October 2017 – July 2019
  • Budget: 75.708 euro
  • Funder: National Rural Development Program 
  • Civitas status: Project Initiator 
  • Office: Cluj-Napoca
  • Partners: Agricultural Cooperative Plain Honey and Romanian PFA Stoian Vasile