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The Civitas Foundation’s participation in the seminar “The European Digitization Industry”

By 1 June 2017 February 23rd, 2018 No Comments

The Civitas Foundation had the opportunity to participate at a seminar organized by the European Commission, with the main focus on the digitization of agriculture.

This is an event organized by the European Commission between 1-2 June 2017 in Kilkenny, Ireland, where over 130 representatives from research centers, universities, relevant institutions and NGOs from 24 countries participated.
The aim of this seminar is to ensure that businesses in the field of agriculture, regardless of the scale of their business, have the opportunity to benefit fully from digital innovations.

The topics of the seminar were:

1. Clarifying the concept of Innovation Center (DIH);
2. Link existing initiatives and entities in Europe to develop DIH’S;
3. Identification of DIH’S needs and barriers in Europe on agriculture;
4. Concretizing the stages for DIH’S development and promoting collaboration at European level.

You may find more details here.