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FoodHub: more than 230 local producers commercialized their products through these initiatives

By 15 November 2019 January 30th, 2020 No Comments

Together with Open Fields Foundation, Community Safety and Mediation Center, World Vision Romania and Civitas Foundation – Odorheiu Secuiesc Office, we develop food hub models as sustainable economic alternatives for local producers. 

Besides their associative role, a food hub deposits, processes and sells local food at a fair price for consumers and producers. Small and medium farmers collaborate with us to have easier access to the market and realize educational and promotional campaigns about the benefits offered by the local products. More than 230 local producers commercialise their products through these initiatives which cover the key regions of Romania – Nord Natural in Vatra Dornei, Roade și Merinde in Iași area, Nod Verde in Cluj area, Helyénvaló Helyit in Odorheiu Secuiesc area and Merindar in Ialomita, Valcea, Dolj, and Vaslui. 

„After almost two years of business plan implementation, we have quantitative results that gather more than 230 producers involved, more than 10.000 orders and above 1.000.000 lei turnover. We have some qualitative and useful conclusions for those who want to operate or funding a food hub, focusing on the market attention, the client’s preferences and the adaptation of local product supply. It’s not enough to have good local products – you need an efficient logistic organization, careful management and constant communication with the farmers and the clients. We also need a well-told story”, Valentin Filip, Program Director at Civitas Foundation. 

For the next two years, the program partners intend to promote the short-chain developing new services for clients, growing the food hub’s impact on producers and their families. Also, they plan to extend the range of products.