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Extensive organizational resources to maximize results and impact

By 3 October 2019 No Comments

We need extensive organizational resources to maximize results and impact – one of the most important lessons learned at the Stakeholders Engagement training. 

One thing is for sure – the more you integrate the stakeholders in your long-term activity, the more they will work for you. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship where everyone wins. Whether we talk about an employee, a journalist or a funder, a stakeholder can have a positive or negative influence for your organization. You need to manage all these relationships to take you closer to the results you expect. 

To reach that point, you need to identify your stakeholders. Work out their power, influence, and interest, so that you know who you should focus on. The above-mentioned steps will help you plan an efficient communication strategy to involve the stakeholders in your professional activity. 

What you should do next?

#1 Identify the stakeholders that can help you in your activity

The first step you need to do is to identify the stakeholders for your organization – an efficient way is the brainstorming method. It’s not the only way but it is certainly easier. If you don’t know your stakeholders, you will not know what are their needs. 

#2 Analyze your stakeholders according to the impact on the organization’s activities

After you establish who can have a positive or negative influence for your organization, the next step is to work out their interest (financial, logistical, social) and their power. You will know who you should focus on for the next steps when you plan a win-win strategy. 

#3 Create a communication strategy according to the identified needs

Now that you know who are your stakeholders and what influence they have for your organization, you can create a communication strategy to involve in your activity. According to the identified needs, you can establish how can you communicate with them (what is the optimum frequency and the proper channel). Maybe you prefer a phone call but somebody else may prefer a newsletter. Take into account their needs and interests and create a win-win strategy for everyone. 

#4 Involve the stakeholders in your activity

If you’ve come this far, the only thing that is left is to implement your strategy. The results will not come overnight. You need time to create new habits and to build a strong rela