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Mintenașii. People with good deeds for Geaca and Cornești communities

By 5 September 2019 No Comments

Initiated by Civitas Foundation for Civil Society, Mintenașii. People with good deeds is a project which aims to develop the marginalized communities from Geaca and Cornești through better access to education, the labor market, social and medical services. Mintenașii. People with good deeds is initiated within the Integrated Measures for Marginalized Communities from Transylvania Plain program. The project is currently in its second year of implementation in partnership with Association for Sustainable Society, Geaca Commune, Diakonia Christian Foundation, Cornești Commune and Geaca School. 

The entire project is built on three strategic targets that include sustaining more than 400 persons at the risk of poverty and social exclusion. The first project’s objective is to improve access to education and preventing early school leaving. We organize different educational programs for both children and parents – after-school activities and a weekly education hub, parental education and summer kindergarten. More details about the activities and the abilities they learn during the program can be found here. 

The second project’s objective implies raising the employment rate, increasing the chances of integration and remaining on the labor market. We organize training courses, apprenticeship programs, and internships through which we’re trying to form learning habits so that attending courses will become a routine for the people of Geaca and Cornești. It is a slow process, as we need to change the stereotypes they face. In the same time, we need to find an appropriate solution for beneficiaries to feel that is in their best interest to participate in such initiatives. We need to motivate them and determine them to get involved in this program in order to benefit from better living conditions. The training courses seek to make people acquire necessary skills and become more employable in jobs like electrician, baker, mechanic, bricklayer, pastry chef, hairdresser, and elderly care. Our goal is to give more than 200 people a better chance of employment and improve their living standards.

The project supports 12 people by giving them 25.000 euros if they submit a business plan for a local start-up. In this way, they can practice their professions and can work in a professional environment with better equipment. 

The third project’s objective aims to facilitate social inclusion and improve the living standards. A prominent problem of those communities was the lack of proper identification documents. Throughout this summer, the project set up mobile stations to help people renew their IDs. Moreover, the community members are involved in volunteering activities to become more aware of the importance of social relationships and their role in daily life.