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Informal educational programs and summer kindergarten for Geaca and Cornești communities

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Integrated measures for marginalized communities in the Transylvania Plain Area is a project which aims to develop the communities from Geaca and Cornești through better access to education, labor market, social and medical services. The main goal of the project is to educate people from those communities in order to increase their capacity to solve problems through communication and cooperation. The project is in its second year of implementation and is being developed in partnership with Association for Sustainable Society, Geaca Commune, Diakonia Christian Foundation, Cornești Commune and Geaca School. 

Interactive games for children: developing social and cognitive skills

Both in Geaca and Cornești are organized informal educational programs for children and parents. During the after-school activities, some of the children have the possibility to do their homework in a proper place, compensating the shortcomings they have in school. During the educational hub which takes place every Thursday in Geaca and every Friday in Cornești, students from middle school are involved in interactive and practical games which help them in developing their social and cognitive skills. The activities involve understanding the human body, learning the seasons or celebrating the holidays like Christmas or Mother’s Day. The children learn to find solutions through games and improve their memory and attention skills. They learn to cooperate, to negotiate and to be fairplay – a pattern which can be replicated in daily life. Self-knowledge, respect for self and others, awareness of bullying and its consequences are just a few important aspects which are emphasized during the educational hub class. 

Moreover, children learn how to brush their teeth and wash their hands, discovering more about traffic rules and good manners. The parents also benefit from parental education in order to have support in the education of the children. Because the environment where children are raised is very important, the parents learn how to manage different situations and how to apply well-balanced parenting methods, extremely useful in the growth of the children.

Summer kindergarten for preschools

To encourage the enrollment in the formal educational system of children that come from poor families, 20 preschools from Geaca and Cornești participate during the summer vacation in a kindergarten program. For three months, the children will make activities to learn the necessary abilities for healthy growth, but also preparing for school.