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Civitas organizes professional training courses for Local Action Group Plaiuri Someșene from Gherla

By 26 July 2019 July 30th, 2019 No Comments

Civitas Foundation is involved in forming the team of Local Action Group Plaiuri Someșene from Gherla, providing support with the implementation of local development strategy in Gherla city. 

Under the project „Involve in the present! Change the future – The function of Local Action Group Plaiuri Someșene” (code MYSMIS 123789), Civitas Foundation organizes professional training courses covering Strategic Planning, Community Development and Corporate Communication, Project Management, Evaluator and Expert in accessing structural funds and strategic cohesion. Through those training services, the Local Action Group team will be able to implement the Local Development Strategy of Gherla, contributing to the sustainable development of the community. In the same time, the team will be able to get involved in the problems of the city and try to find solutions. 

The first course of Strategic Planning was organized during the 24th-26th of June 2019 and created the necessary framework to understand the necessity of the strategy and the rules regarding the allocation of funds. The participants were able to understand the project management of funding through the Regional Operational Programme/ Human Capital Operational Programme and the development of the implementation process. Among the most important elements of the training comprised corporate communication and the importance of setting roles on the Local Action Group team.