Implementation period
January 2018 – January 2021
8.900.412,34 RON

European Social Fund through the Human Capital Operational Programme, POCU / 82 / 3.7 / 104273

„New Entrepreneurs” (NOI AntrepreNORI – Un PLUS pentru STARTUP-urile  Nord-Vest) have launched at the beginning of 2018 and is funded through the Romania Startup Plus programme. The project targets people interested in  starting a business in the urban area of the counties of Bihor, Bistrița-Năsăud, Cluj, Maramureș, Satu Mare and Sălaj. One of the main activities offered is training in entrepreneurship skills for a total of 307 participants of various categories (employed, self-employed,unemployed and professionally inactive).
Every training was organized in locations outside of the cities, based on a „boot-camp” model. We have covered transport, accommodation and meal costs for all the trainees throughout the workshops. Besides the trainers, we have invited guest speakers who were professionals in the business field (business angels, consultants, experienced entrepreneurs) who shared their
views and expertise with the students. A business plan competition and pitching session took place between October 26 and January 2019 (at the beginning of 2019 we have published the final list of selected projects).

38 business plans were selected to receive startup funding of 30 or 40 thousand euros. This means that 12 startups will receive financial support of €40.000, and 26 others will receive €30.000. The new entrepreneurs will also benefit from internship programs, personalized consultancy services, mentorship and monitoring from our experts. This aid will last for the first 18 months after they establish the new enterprises.

The project is co-financed through the European Social Fund, precisely the Human Capital Operational Programme (POCU/82/3.7/104273). The total budget of the project is 8.900.412,34 Ron, out of which 7.534.576,40 Ron represent EU grants, 1.329.631,13 ron come from the national budget and 36.204,81 Ron is the value of our co-funding.