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NOI Antreprenori winners: 38 innovative projects with care for the environment

By 27 June 2019 No Comments

Noi Antreprenori came to support people interested in creating a business in Bihor, Bistrița Năsăud, Cluj, Maramureș, Satu Mare and Sălaj. The project is providing an opportunity to learn more about entrepreneurship. Through Noi Antreprenori, more than 300 people have enrolled in entrepreneurship courses, presentations, and debates with professionals. They have participated in a business competition, presenting their business plan and pitched it to a jury. The jury selected 38 business plans that will receive 30.000 or 40.000 euros grant.

The five main areas of business from where we have selected the projects: IT, sustainable development, social innovation, CO2 reduction and research

The selected projects surprised the jury with their creativity, innovation, and their devotion towards environmental issues. Therefore, we have projects that focus on a low-carbon and efficient economy. The creation studio, Woollymania, has a responsible way to reutilize textile products, giving in this way an alternative to mothers who cannot buy clothes from luxury brands, but they still want qualitative products for their loved ones. The recycled wood furniture production or eco car washing are other examples that leave a positive mark on the environment and contribute to its preservation. The last one came with a solution to existing problems in this area and is proposing mobile washing services at home, parking lots or at the company’s offices. The entire process consists of cleaning with dry steam under high pressure, thus saving water and minimizing the quantity of detergent used in this process. 

Kartondeco is another innovative project which offers a chance to young people that were raised in orphanages. The project is transforming carton into furniture and decorative items. The initiative aims, on the one hand, to train young people and facilitate their integration into the labor market. On the other side, the project wants to ensure the sustainability of the business by selling the products which they create. 

Moving on the research, development and innovation side, a special project is Next Engineering, the first office for thermal, sanitary and ventilation installations from Romania which uses virtual and augmented reality. 

Another project seeks to reopen Cinema Arta and to transform it into a major cultural space in Cluj-Napoca. The initiator of the project aims to equip the cinema with the latest technologies, creating a meeting and interaction point for people working in creative industries. 

One of our principle which guides our activity is the attention in creating valuable relationships, with mutual trust with those involved in our projects. Since 2018, when we went in six counties from Nord-Western region to find these people and selected them to participate at entrepreneurship courses. Our goal was to develop close relations with the participants, as we are seeking long term collaboration that is not limited to a particular project. We have met over 300 passionate people, all of them proposing outstanding business ideas. At the moment,  we are working on developing 38 of the projects that won the contest. 

We have close ties, as this is an important period when their ideas come to life. Our experts are offering them legal advice and we prepare to access the fund to start their businesses, said Carmen Ciobanu, Program Director at Civitas Foundation.