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01 December 2020 – 30 November 2022

Total Budget: 256.804 euro

Civitas Budget: 25.337 euro


  • Asociația Monomyths (Romania)
  • Nuorisokeskus Piispala (Finland),
  • Sdruzhenie Walk Together (Bulgaria),
  • Terram Pacis (Norway),
  • Inter College APS (Denmark),
  • Asociacija Tavo Europa (Lithuania),
  • Entrepreneurship and Social Economy Group (Greece)

The aim of Youth Finance Academy Project is to create a collection of 3 financial education tools to be used in learning activities.

The 3 financial education tools, which will be developed during the 2 years of project implementation, will provide young and young entrepreneurs with the key knowledge and skills needed to have a high quality financial literacy.

Moreover, we focus on creating a cross-sectoral network of financial experience (public, private and non-profit sector) that will actively contribute with the know-how to the development of the training package, educational game and multimedia content. (podcasts, micro-learning videos, articles). The project also promotes the need for financial educational integration in high schools, universities and youth NGOs through 6 national seminars and 1 Forum for financial education for young people.


Intellectual outputs

  1. One toolkit developed within the Youth Finance Academy project that will help NGOs to address young and young entrepreneurs need to develop their knowledge and management skills in finance.

The toolkit will contain 2 different modules:

Module 1: Finance education essentials for young people: Financial Psychology, Savings, Expenses, & Budgeting, Account Management, Jobs & Career, Credit Profile, Loans & Debt, Risk; Management & Insurance, Investments & Personal Finance Planning, Skill Development, Economic & Government Influences, Tools;

Module 2: Finance education essentials for young entrepreneurs: business budget execution; Financial Planning – Budget Forecasting; tools for transparent and efficient cash flow; financial management tools; Financial Risks; financial diagnosis and how it can save a business; Funding opportunities.


2)Youth Finance Academy educational game aims to require players to make decisions about income, expenses, and savings and to explore big questions about the economy and world of finance. The players (young people) will be able to complete the game in a progressive way only, challenge after a challenge by answering to scenarios based on real-life situations identified through the research, collecting skills & knowhow badges.


A first step in the development of educational tools is to investigate more deeply the reality faced by young and young entrepreneurs in managing the financial financial resources they have at their disposal. We will shortly publish the results of this research.