October 2017 – October 2018
75.708 euro
National Program for Rural Development (PNDR)

The project proposes a business model that brings together beekeepers and medicinal plants producers. The central product of our endeavor is the creation of the “Tea Box” brand, as a result of collaboration between the two. More explicitly, the collaboration is between Miere de Câmpie Agricultural Cooperative and an individual medicinal and aromatic plants producer.

We aim to start home deliveries of the Tea Box. The pack will contain medicinal plants for tea and also honey made from the same area. This way we encourage economic development of the places where the plants and honey are processed and collected. We also encourage the consumption of local products.

Moreover, this combination of honey and medicinal plants represents a package of healthy foods, created based on the principles of the “short chain” both from the perspective of the producer-consumer relationship, and the distance this food travels to reach the consumer.

This way, between the produces and the consumer there will be one intermediary at most, while the products come from no farther than a 75 kilometers radius from the consumer. By creating the Tea Box, our first goal is to develop the concept. Afterwards we will develop the brand and promote the product, sell it localy and try national or foreign markets.


  • Cooperativa Agricolă Miere de Câmpie
  • PFA Stoian Vasile