Implementation period
January 2018 – January 2021
11.887.011,47 RON

European Social Fund through the Human Capital Operational Programme, POCU / 82 / 3.7 / 105851

The project targets people interested to start an enterprise in one of the cities in the counties of Alba, Brașov, Covasna, Harghita, Mureș, and Sibiu. During the project, 396 people (employees, self-employed, unemployed and professionally inactive) have the opportunity to participate in an entrepreneurship training course. The graduates were later offered the opportunity to subscribe to a business plan competition. The businesses had to be outside of the agricultural domain and based in the urban area. 48 business plans were selected to receive funding up to 35,500 euros.

These entrepreneurs will be involved in the next phases of the project: internship, mentorship, and consultancy programs. They will also have the opportunity to participate in a business school program. The total eligible project budget is 11.887.011,47 Ron (roughly 2.5 million euros), out of which the irredeemable amount granted by the EU is 11.739.344,06 lei (98,76% of the total), divided as follows: Irredeemable eligible granted through the Social European Fund: 9.983.943,32 Ron; Irredeemable eligible amount from the national budget: 1.755.400,74 Ron; Eligible co-funding covered by the beneficiary and partners: 147.667,41 Ron.

The business plans competition was launched on the 15th of October 2018. The project subscription period was October 18 – November 2nd, 2018. At the competition were able to participate people who graduated our entrepreneurial programme organized within the project, but also people who live in the Center Region but have not participated at the workshops (in the latter case we can select and fund at most 4 business plans belonging to entrepreneurs who have not attended the courses).