Civitas Status
September 2020 – December 2023
Total: 700.000,00 EUR
Co-financed through the Human Capital Operational Program 2014-2020

Priority Axis 5 – Local development placed under the responsibility of the community

Entrepreneurship in Gherla

The Entrepreneurship in Gherla project is part of the interventions of the Gherla Local Development Strategy. The problem that the project aims to solve is the high unemployment rate in the Marginalized Urban Area (ZUM) Gherla and the lack of businesses in the territory.

The program began with the analysis that is the basis of the Local Development Strategy of the ZUM Gherla territory. The results of the analysis showed that the employment rate of citizens in the territory is 25% of the total population of approximately 21,000 inhabitants, which is the main cause of the risk of poverty. This was caused by both the lack of jobs and the low level of education. According to the Gherla Local Development Strategy, the entrepreneurial spirit is low due to the lack of funds, legislative uncertainty and the poor level of entrepreneurial education.

Our purpose

The general objective of the project is to increase the employment rate of people at risk of poverty or social exclusion in the territory of ZUM Gherla. The project aims to develop economically the area by creating a dynamic and sustainable framework, favorable to the development of entrepreneurial skills and stimulating the development of non-agricultural businesses in the territory.

What are our specific goals?

  1. Evaluation of the professional skills of 250 people from the target group and the development of entrepreneurial skills for 63 people who intend to establish a business in the territory of ZUM Gherla;
  2. Increasing the employment rate by supporting local entrepreneurs on the territory of ZUM Gherla. We want to respond to the needs of the business and socio-economic environment, by supporting the establishment and operation of 17 startups;
  3. Creating the premises of sustainability and adaptation of the 17 established businesses to the changes and needs of the environment in the territory and improving the image of the area at the level of the inhabitants of the municipality.

To achieve our goals, we have designed a 12-step model for beneficiaries to follow to become entrepreneurs. At the end of the project, 17 enterprises will be financed with 25,000 euros, to be able to start their activity.