For more than 25 years we have been improving the daily lives of local communities

We believe in the power of communities and civic involvement

We run local and regional development projects and programs and we build inovative, and sustainable intervention models in the following sub-fields:

Community development and good governance

We bring citizens and local administration together, in order to build and apply initiatives that generate prosperity.

Social economy and entrepreneurship

By promoting social economy and entrepreneurship in Romania we create sustainable initiatives, able to face the challenges of the open market.

Civil society empowerment

We support the transfer of good practices transfer and partnerships in the civil society environment. Our initiatives enforce active citizenship and youth involvement in the community.

Rural economic development

By offering support to local initiatives we help rural communities. Our purpose is to make the members of these communities aware of their resources and able to use them responsibly.

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Arome Transilvane
Rural economic development

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