ENFORCE project: making the future of beekeeping sustainable (Erasmus + project, 2023-1-HU01-KA220-VET-000152590- Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training 2023-2025)

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The pollination activity of honey bees is not only essential to beekeeping, but also plays a vital role in agriculture, food production and the global health of the ecosystems.

The ENFORCE project, funded by the Erasmus+ programme, aims to support the sustainability of the beekeeping sector while facing climate change, human-derived stressors and marketing problems.

What are our goals?

During the 2-years duration we will tackle challenges such as:

  • Adapt to climate change – impacting on honey bee development and their interaction with plants
  • Control invasive species – new pathogens and predators
  • Adjust husbandry practices to extreme weather events – such as extended draught and recurrent storms
  • Fight the unfair competition on the European honey market – due to adulterated honey and low purchasing prices
  • Remove sectoral barriers
  • Enforce individual company branding
  • Encourage diversification of quality production and services over mass production

How will we act?

To achieve its goals, the project will establish a network of beginner and experienced beekeepers, researchers, rural developers and empower beekeepers. We want to provide the knowledge, methods and new ways of thinking that will enable long term sustainability through the following tools :

  • Diversified business models to achieve a fair income
  • a new consumer-oriented approach based on experiential farming
  • Get familiar with honey tasting practice and sensory analysis of honey
  • Implement gamification methodology

These methods are currently not yet or only rarely used within the beekeeping sector and are also new in other areas of the agricultural sector.

What will be You Benefits from Enforce?

  • Participate in A TRAINING COURSE on bees, beekeeping and honey, showing how beekeeping can be a treasure box of experiences; the principles of sensory analysis of honey; the world of honey flavours and fragrances; and the challenges of climate change.
  • Get access to GOOD PRACTICES for beekeepers who are receptive to and want to apply experiential and playful beekeeping.
  • Learn ESSENTIALS on the methodology of experiential farming, gamification, sensory analysis of honey and communication with the HORECA sector.

What are you waiting for?

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