Project implemented by:

Civitas Foundation for Civil Society


Project co-financed through the Operational Program Human Capital 2014-2020

Priority Axis 5 – Local development under the responsibilities of the communities


September 2020 – December 2023

17 local businesses were established in Gherla and continue to operate after a year and a half. The businesses were launched as part of the Entrepreneurship in Gherla project implemented by the Civitas Foundation for Civil Society Cluj.

A new business in the community means more prosperity and new job opportunities. That’s why we need to talk about entrepreneurship not only in the largest cities in the country. With this idea in mind, we embarked on the Entrepreneurship in Gherla project, where we organized entrepreneurship courses, launched a business plan competition, and supported 17 initiative-driven entrepreneurs in the city to launch their own businesses.

The path of entrepreneurship is not an easy one. After winning the business plan competition, the 17 entrepreneurs in the project received financial support of 25,000 euros, but the most challenging part awaited them: implementing the business plan. They received mentoring from our team, which supported them in facing the initial challenges that come with the role of an entrepreneur.

To learn more about the new businesses, their products, and services, click here.

„I was impressed by the determination of the entrepreneurs to succeed, despite all the difficulties they encountered at some point in this year and a half when implementing their business plans. The process made me more aware of the importance of the support we provide to entrepreneurs throughout this journey”, says Monica Călușer, project manager at the Civitas Foundation for Civil Society Cluj.

Monica CălușerProject manager

In addition to preparing and guiding future entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurship in Gherla has meant professional counseling for 232 people, information on employment opportunities, mentoring, and monitoring of businesses established within the project. The ‘Entrepreneurship in Gherla’ project is part of the interventions outlined in the Local Development Strategy for Gherla. The issues it aims to address include the low number of employees in the Marginalized Urban Area (ZUM) of Gherla and the lack of enterprises in this territory.

Project results:

  • 232 people received professional counseling, helping them understand how to assess their skills and find employment.
  • 58 people enhanced their entrepreneurial skills by participating in entrepreneurship courses, where they learned how to open and manage a business.
  • 17 residents of Gherla started their own businesses, each benefiting from a grant of 25,000 euros.
  • 36 new jobs were created within these 17 businesses.

*The Entrepreneurship in Gherla project is implemented by the Civitas Foundation for Civil Society Cluj, as the Beneficiary, and is co-financed through the Operational Program Human Capital 2014-2020, Code MySmis: POCU/717/5/1/151627, Priority Axis 5 –Local development under the responsibilities of the communities, Thematic Objective 9: Promoting social inclusion, combating poverty, and any form of discrimination, Investment Priority Local development strategies managed by the community, Specific Objective 5.1: Reducing the number of people at risk of poverty and social exclusion in marginalized communities (Roma and non-Roma) in cities/municipalities with over 20,000 inhabitants, with a focus on those with a population belonging to the Roma minority, through the implementation of integrated measures/operations within the DLRC mechanism context.