The foundation’s mission, vision and values

Our mission

To increase the development capacity of local communities through building success models that trigger well-being.

Our vision

Our vision is that people in local communities can improve their daily lives by getting involved in innovative and sustainable social impact programs. We believe in the power of communities and civic involvement. We also believe that citizens and local administration have to come together to transform initiatives into projects, plans into reality and development opportunities into prosperity.

Our values

Trust and loyalty: We trust in what we do and we inspire trust. We build strong relations with our partners and beneficiaries, based on dedication and loyalty.

Professionalism and desire for improvement: The impact of our project is guaranteed by the professionalism of our team and their ongoing will to learn more, be more creative and to succeed into efficiently transforming their ideas, dreams and aspirations in reality.

Dedication and vocation: The Civitas community consists in professionals who believe in what they do; vocation, devotion and belief that our work matters are values that we strongly care about.

Integrity and success: We respect our values and the people who share them. However, we choose as partners people and organisations who also actively enforce them.

Innovation and creativity: Every project is different because people are different; we use our expertise to ensure our programs’ efficiency. We believe that innovation and creativity are vital in order to create successful and appealing projects. It is the only way in which our initiatives will earn the trust of the people we work with.

Partnership and association: The success of our projects is due to the strong partnerships we build, teamwork and sharing the resources in order to give added value to the communities who need them.