A short history of Civitas Foundation

We dedicate our time and energy to improve the daily lives of people in local communities by involving them in innovative and sustainable social impact programs. Along the way we have successfully implemented hundreds of projects and made our contribution to developing rural (and urban) communities. Here are some important moments from our 25+ years journey:


Civitas Foundation was founded in the autumn of 1992. It was an answer to the need of improving and professionalizing the local administration in Romania, after the '89 Revolution. During the next period of time our activity focuses mostly in this field.


The organisation's policies are directed towards programs and projects that encourage multiculturalism and the relationships and communication between the minorities and the majority.


From this moment on, during the next 6 years, Civitas will run more complex projects to support administrative reform in Romania. Our profile becomes that of an local development NGO.


This year, during a PHARE project, we have founded the Citizens Counseling Office in Odorheiu Secuiesc. In time this project became a permanent service acknowledged and appreciated by the community. Its activities focus on informing and counseling, ensuring free, independent, impartial and confidential access to information to all community members.


We run our first POSDRU EU funded project at our Cluj-Napoca office. This takes our organisation at a next level as regarding project management and managing a large number of beneficiaries. We earn our place on the business development facilitators map, in the rural non-agricultural sector.


We start our first social economy development projects. From this moment on, social entrepreneurship becomes one of the core sub-fields for us and the team gains professional experience in this direction.


Civitas Foundation implements its first NEETs project (Not in Education, Employment or Training youth, 16-24 years old). At the time we were one of the few organisations in Romania who engaged this challenge. The project focused on creating a pilot program of training the youth to use online resources to promote and develop small businesses. The fact that some of them succeeded brought us huge satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment.


The „Developing community based enterprises” project, reaches the semifinals stage at the European Social Innovation Competition, organisied by the European Comission.


We organize „Solidart Changemakers Festival”, the first integrated event in Cluj focusing on social enterprises; this means workshops and a fare to promote the products and services offered by 27 social entreprises. About 3000 people have visited our stands. The event pinned Civitas on the Romania's social innovators map.

autumn 2017

We celebrate 25 years and we engage in a complex process to modernize our organization structure and public image.